Leaving Darkness

I have come across a deep, dark tunnel filled with fear and despair. At first glance it seems going through would be an easy task because there is a light brightly shining from the other end. Ignoring the danger sign I slowly take one step in. I look around seeing nothing to fear so I take a second step and then a third. Then all of a sudden I freeze, panic flowing through my veins like hot burning lava. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? When did it stop shining? Was it step five or six, maybe ten?Slowly turning around terror struck me deep within and its blade cuts sharp searing to my very core. I am trapped. The light doesn’t shine on either side of the tunnel now. Frantically I look around. Where did I go wrong? At what point did the tunnel change? It seemed easy enough before I entered. When did I loose sight of the light brightly shining on the other side? Now its to dark to see clearly and I’m to fearful to move on not knowing what may be lurking just a few steps ahead. I fall to the ground as tears flow steadily from my swollen, blood red eyes. All hope is gone. Death is but a few yards away. Is it to late to change my mind? I cant see the path back to where I started. All that’s left to do now is linger here in this deep dark tunnel filled with fear and despair. Within a few moments as I look around I see my torment has just begun. The tunnel is getting darker and now death is calling my name. I realize I only have two choices. I can stay here and die as death catches up to me, reaching through the darkness and squeezing out every bit of life within me. Or I can run the other way fighting each lurking torment while trying to stay ahead of death, hoping with every tiny shred of hope left in me that there is still a light at the end of this tunnel. Not far ahead I again see the light. As hope fills my heart I continue to press on determined not to loose sight of the light again. The battle goes on, still I press forward feeling a little safer the closer I get to the light. My muscles start aching, sweat drips from my body like falling rain, and I’m completely out of breath. I think I’m close enough now to safely stop for a minute to rest. I turn as a faint whisper calls out from behind me. I know I shouldn’t look back because there is only hopelessness, terror and torment behind me but I chance a look. My eyes widen as fear again grips me, freezing me where I stand. I cant move. I hate myself for turning back. Now its worse as heavy chains hold me down keeping me from moving toward the light. Death is catching up as I cry out to the light just steps ahead. I don’t want to Die!! Somebody save me!! Please I’m in here and I cant get out!! If you hear me, if you are willing please help me!! Again I fall to my knees loosing all hope of ever reaching the light.Then suddenly peace takes over my mind as I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder. Strong, steady hands lift me from desperation into the light. He saved me!! I cried out and he was there. I fell down and He picked me up. I lost all hope and He showed me mercy. I was nearly dead and He gave me life. Dancing joyfully in the light I praise God for the gift of His Son Jesus Christ who because He loved me gave His own life conquering death for me, though I was undeserving. I chose to enter the tunnel full of fear and despair and He chose to save me from the certain death I deserve. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16 until next time may God bless you and keep you as you seek him with your whole heart.

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