My child

You did not earn my Grace by being kind, you didn’t gain it by feeding the orphans and the poor.
It’s not yours for keeping my commandments or preaching my word going door to door.
You acquired it not by loyal Church attendance, teaching Sunday school or joining the choir.
It’s not yours for your large donations, for volunteering or when your prayers last more than an hour.
You didn’t obtain it by tending to the sick, for visiting a widow, or those in prison who have not a friend.
You have not achieved it by good behavior, overcoming addiction, or by taking blame for conflict to end.
It’s not yours for bearing the Fruit of My Spirit, or leading lost sheep to find their way home.
Not even for long hours behind a pulpit, as countless people gather around.
You didn’t receive it by healing the sick, casting out demons, or prophesying in My name.
Not by writing a book, singing ole hymns, nor giving away all your fortune and fame.
No you’ve gained it not by what you’ve done or anything you’re going to do.
My child, My Grace has always been, My free gift I bestowed upon you.

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