World’s greater reason

The Greater Reason

The world only knows madness
Peace we’ve never found
We have war plague and famine
Still no trumpet sound
The children only suffer
While most go to their grave
The women cant stoop crying
The men try to be brave
Some father’s beat their children
They turn black and blue
The damage lasts a lifetime
For their hearts been broke in two
Lots of people doing drugs
Until the hit rock bottom
For good and bad, right and wrong
Maybe nobody really taught them
Men are raping women
Women cry out in pain
There is murder, even suicide
And the mentally insane
Millions of people in this world
But everyone seems so lonely
From the abuse of human life
The earth is dying slowly
Most of us huddled in a corner
Shivering with fright
We cant come out
For we don’t know
Who death will take tonight
We want to survive
Just one more day
Our hope is the world
Will change in some way
We’ve tried to control
Our struggles and strife
But in the end
There is a greater reason to life

By Carrie Wink

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