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Christmas Cheer

Christmas cheer

Home around the holidays
To feel that Christmas cheer
Family and friends gather around
Making memories each year
Children playing in the snow
You hear their joyful laughter
In times like these you come to believe
In happily ever after
At night around the fire
The adults join in the game
Singing Christmas carols
Everyones glad they came
Eggnog and hot chocolate
The smells of cake and pies
That peaceful happy feeling
You see in loved ones eyes
The time for giving gifts has come
Anticipation is in the air
Seeing all those happy smiles
No moment can compare
Staring out the window
The ground so white with snow
A kiss you feel so you look up
To see the mistletoe
As the night comes to an end
Your heart still full of cheer
You know the love you feel tonight
Will last throughout the year

Merry Christmas everyone! As we celebrate His birth this season, sharing gifts, laughs, games and food, let’s find the time to tell Jesus Happy birthday!

Until next time may God bless you and keep you as you seek Him with your whole heart!